Wisefool is the author of the acclaimed FARLANDER fantasy book series. Now he's turning his hand to an ongoing Space Fantasy serial following a living Rogue Prophetship and her crew of escaped slaves. Released as both FICTION and innovative GAMEBOOK episodes, they can be downloaded from this website for free.




The High Wild: Neverwar


Episode 1

Follow the legendary Child of Jih - one of the last of the living Rogue Prophetships - and her crew of escaped slaves as they fly the spacelanes in disguise, running when they have to and helping where they can.
Now on their latest mission, the young Prophetship and crew face the most impossible odds of all - a mission to free the mindwashed captives of an entire prison moon ...





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farlander series:

Farlander: The Heart of the World

An old and dying assassin is forced to take on a wise-cracking apprentice just as he embarks on the most important contract of his life ... A vendetta that will lead them into the heart of war between the Holy Empire of Mann and the Free Ports … into bloodshed and death.