the high wild?

"Welcome to the Neverwar, or what's left of it...

A bitter conflict that lasted for 1000 years, and ended in a single day.

The good guys lost.

Now God Kings rule the Shalos star system, enslaving populations through mind-control while they sacrifice whole worlds to the infernal masters behind it all, the Eaters of the Light. Worlds where all moods and thoughts are regulated, and privacy no longer tolerated, and people live as little more than drones ...
But some still stand against the rise of darkness. Refusing to surrender, the Rogue Prophetship Child Of Jih flies the spacelanes in disguise, hunted wherever she goes for bringing truth to the needy and visions of hope now barely dreamed of ...
Meanwhile, way out in the High Wild of space, freelifers build communities of refuge for those who flee the insanity of their homeworlds. On distant asteroids and backwater moons, free Shal and Humani live as they were created to live instead of like machines.

Even on the fallen worlds, a remnant of freelifers still hides out amongst the mindwashed living dead; individuals who are awake for all that they pretend to be asleep like those around them, usually alone for the sake of cover, usually quietly seeking a way out.
If you are reading this book, then maybe you are one of them ..."




As the bored blademaster to House Brightmorning in exile, YOU make the decisions in this solo adventure through the High Wild.
After a thousand years of secret conflict, the Neverwar - the war that never was - is finally over. The Star King and his forces have fallen. The New Order reigns supreme.

Loyal to the bitter end, a defeated House Brightmorning is forced into exile on the remote moon of Gale, where the winds never stop howling.

You play the role of Rooster Quinn, blademaster to the House Brightmorning in their exile. As bodyguard and House Blade, your job is to protect the Lord Brightmorning’s son Brilliant with your life. If young Bril dies, then so do you.
Taking place in the same solar system as other High Wild stories, and linked directly to them, The Good King is set above a giant planet called Thrull - a world so supermassive that gravity would squash you flat if you stepped foot on it.
In orbit around Thrull, the blowy moon of Gale is where the surviving House Brightmorning finds itself in exile. 





The Good King uses e-readers in an innovative way, employing graphics and touch buttons to add to the gaming experience.
The gamebook can be played on anything with a 6" screen or larger, including e-readers, tablets, laptops and PC's. Anything that allows you to read ebooks.
Available as EPUB & AZW (kindle).






Use the unique role-playing system to record your character scores as you progress through the ebook.







And keep track of your CONdition and other stats.






Play through the adventure as a blademaster to the House Brightmorning.






In your role as bodyguard to young Brilliant Brightmorning.







On a moon where things are about to get a whole lot more scary ...



Take part in deadly combats by choosing random numbers in 'Snap Draws' (like rolling dice).







And after a long day's ride, go shopping in the market or just walk about town and explore.







But be careful, because the Ultras are coming to town, and with them a Soul Hunter on the trail of a Star King supposedly long dead...



The Good King is a 400+ page solo roleplaying gamebook in which you make the decisions, right or wrong.